We're about living life creatively by creating connection through cloth from the places that inspire and forming lasting relationships with makers 

The word "retreat" is quite opposite of what is going on here - we're experiencing the world through local culture - the art, food, music...the good stuff in life. Far away from retreating from anything really except your preconceived notions of what it means to travel.

The inspiration & sense of freedom that can be cultivated from traveling well and without hesitation to jump into the unknown and open yourself up to all that is cultivates a whole lot of freedom - thats what we're after here.

I offer retreats as a way to cultivate community and connection in some of my favorite places that have captured my heart. while bringing you hands on to our projects around the world and to share some of my favorite places wiht you in hopes that that will upift and inspire you in all the ways they have done for me. With a a focus on local craft, food and culture you'll get a unique taste of life on the otherside.

If you'd like to have an experience with a like-minded group of people 

As a yoga teacher, I love to share the grounding and nourishment of daily practice and seek out unique accommodation that 


We stay at unqiue accomodation and walk next to locals and I can't wait to share them with you.




April 20-29 2021