About the Founder

In 2015 I spent the winter volunteering in a small village in Central Thailand teaching English to primary school children where I immediately fell in love with the people, culture and rhythm of life. To make a long story very short, I went home, put my life into a backpack and returned to Thailand to spend the better part of the next two years traveling from south to north, eventually landing in Chiang Mai.
As an artist with a textile background, when I arrived in Chiang Mai I was immediately drawn to the palpable connection to the earth and tradition that still existed within the textiles and clothing being created by local artisans. I would spend hours browsing shops and had bought a few pieces that when I moved back to the US a year later, people would stop me in the street to ask where I got them from. The rest is history...
From day one, Rooted Cloth began as a way to tell a story about a culture and connection to way of life that continues to inspire me everyday. My hope is that it does the same for you.
Thanks for being here along the way. 

Olivia Frassinelli / Founder, Rooted Cloth