Mission + Vision

We believe that garments can tell a story.
To make a piece of cloth is a journey that unfolds beginning with one single moment - when the plant takes root. From that moment on it passes through many lives and hands on its way to becoming whole.
This project is meant to honor the origins and process as much as the final product.

Our Mission and Vision

As we continue to build Rooted Cloth one step at a time, the core value that will always remain is that we care deeply about the people, places and processes that inspire us. Our vision to co-create with nature and local culture requires a sense of surrender to time and an openness to what comes through organically. Our mission is to witness and honor the beauty of these natural rhythms while remaining committed to developing supportive economic, social and environmental relationships that provide a balance between tradition and progression.  

Social + Economic Impact

farmer and artisan set rates | flexible work conditions | gender equality

To honor our commitment, our production costs are set by our partner farmers and weavers and our production is done under flexible working conditions - all artisans work from their homes which allows them to care for their families as well as their crops revolving around rice harvesting. To put it simply, we create when and how our partner artisans create. The availability and flexibility that part-time weaving provides as a source of income allows artisans, primarily women, a means of autonomy to better support themselves and their families.
Environmental Impact
100% plant based dyes | sustainable harvesting | mindful production rates
Our dyes are 100% plant based, grown and harvested sustainably while our dying process is carried without the use of chemicals or electricity. We aim to produce our products at rates that are mindful and sustainable without waste which means we hold minimal stock at any given time and only produce what is in demand.