Our Process

We are honored to partner with Thai farmers and artisans who are committed to maintaining traditional methods of growing and creating. From root to stitch, each step of our process is hands on and preserves a deep connection with the earth.

Leaves, barks and herbs native to Northern Thailand are harvested directly from our partner farm. Some are available year round while others are only available seasonally allowing each dye batch to be unique to the seasons in which the plants are harvested and used for dye.

After harvesting, plants are processed by hand through chopping, boiling or soaking to create the dye baths for our yarn - depending on the colors being created additional layers of dye may be added. Once rinsed and dried, the yarn is given to local weavers that hand wind the yarn onto bobbins and begin to weave our fabric on foot looms. The entire process from beginning to end can take anywhere from two weeks to one month depending on the season.